In no particular order my outstanding reading list is currently:

Pescadors Wake, Katherine Johnson (Tasmanian)

The Butterfly Man, Heather Rose (Tasmanian)

Burial Rites, Hannah Kent

Only Daughter, Anna Snoekstra

The God in the Ink, Kathryn Lomer (Tasmanian)

What Alice Forgot, Liane Moriaty

Tell the Truth, Shame the Devil, Melina Marchetta

An Isolated Incident, Emily Maguire

The Philosopher’s Doll, Amanda Lohrey (Tasmanian)

Frantic, Katherine Howell

The Good Daughter,  Honey Brown

The Alphabet of Light and Dark, Danielle Wood

The Museum of Modern Love, Heather Rose (Tasmanian)

A Trifle Dead, Livia Day (Tasmanian)

Janet Frame, Gina Mercer (Tasmanian)

It is subject to being changed or added to as the year goes by.

Note: The definition of who is Tasmanian is a bit flexible, perhaps in the same way as who is Australian. The challenge acknowledges this. But just as Australians frequently adopt and rebrand New Zealanders once they are successful, I may be doing the same with some folks from the big island. If anyone on my list that I have co-opted to being Tasmanian objects to the label I am more than happy to change it … and still read the book with a positive mindset.